Visiting an Animal Shelter

As part of our month of simple ideas to do for others, we visited the animals at the Animal Rescue League on Chandler Street in the South End.  Someday we will adopt a pet of our own, but until we are ready, we find others ways to pet and play with our four footed friends.  We have a tradition of donating items on the ARL's wish list around the holidays.  We read the list together and my kids decide what they'd like to donate.  The next time we are at the grocery store, we pick up the times on our list.

We always get plenty of peanut butter to make sure the dogs get a tasty treat.  After choosing a few squeaky toys, some kitty treats and getting a couple of items on our own list, we all help to check out.


On our way home from school a few days later, we dropped by the ARL.  Both kids were able to give a bag of needed items to the shelter.  

Next we visited and played with the animals.  My son was letting this kitten take his mitten off again and again.  I'm not sure who was having more fun, my son or the kitten!

My daughter enjoyed chatting with the dogs and giving them a few treats.  

Another way to donate is to let your kids choose from ARL's Amazon Wish List.  

Do you have a favorite animal shelter to visit?

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