Material of the week: Clay

My daughter has an interest in clay. We did a lot of hand building at home, but, without a kiln, we were limited to air-dry clay. So, we found a pottery class at Mudflat Studio in Somerville, and we were so impressed with the facility and instructors, we had to share!

My son does not yet take classes (although he does love exploring clay at his school and home). But, every time he drops off his sister, he takes a few minutes (or more!) watching the potters on the wheels and asking questions. They are all incredibly kind and patient!

My daughter has made bowls, ornaments, and a vase she plans to give as a gift. An avid horse lover, she made these (not yet fired or glazed) ponies:

And, she's found that she loves making impressions in the clay. This project helped reinforce her learning about leaves and their veins

The Museum of Fine Art offers drop in vacation week activities and we found one focused on clay.  We used many different types of tools (including plastic utensils and cookie cutters) to create our own cartouches or name plates which were used in Ancient Egypt.  My son had fun creating a scene that described him and his favorite things in the clay. 


How do you explore clay at home or at studios? We'd love to hear your suggestions!

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