Eating Around the World in Boston-African Edition

The other day my daughter said to me "Mom, we should really try some other types of food to see what other people on earth eat."  On the one hand, I was so proud of her and so pumped to take on this project because I love eating out and I love trying new foods.  On the other hand, I was thinking to myself that my cooking must be really boring and she's sick of my recipes...hmmm.  Either way, I took on the challenge and have slowly started taking advantage of the many foods that Boston has to offer.

I think her challenge stemmed from school because she was asked to learn each country on each continent.  She started with Africa so I looked for a restaurant to compliment her studies.  On Tremont Street in the South End is the cutest little Ethiopian restaurant, Addis Red Sea.  They were incredibly kind to my children and were really helpful in finding things to order that my kids might enjoy.  The decor was fun for kids too-lots of mismatched comfy seating and low tables. And, we had a blast eating with our hands!

My son was too young, but my daughter and I watched "The Queen of Katwe" which is about a young girl in Africa.  We both loved the movie and recommend it!