Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Celebrating Earth Day

This year for Earth Day, we are planning to use gloves, rakes, and brooms to clean up our favorite local park. After a particularly long winter, it needs a bit of sprucing up. We are also planning to plant a few new trees in our small side yard. I wanted to incorporate art making activities into the concept of caring for our earth. We talk about recycling our trash a lot, and making our own recycled paper seemed like a simple way to learn about the process and while having fun. We even pressed flowers, fall leaves we had saved, and dried herbs into a few sheets. 

They made beautiful cards! My son was curious about how paper is made in factories, and we watched this short video to learn more. We are now cutting paper towels in half to reduce our usage! My children are a bit young for the tours at the Cambridge Recycling Center, but if you have older children it looks like a great opportunity. We have been to Extras for Creative Reuse for unique art and collage supplies, and we are looking forward to checking out The Beautiful Stuff Project as well. All of these opportunities to embrace reuse and recycling are so beneficial. How does your family celebrate Earth Day? We'd love to hear!

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