A Fall Walk

Our children love a good old fashioned path.  Give them a couple of walking sticks and they will happily go off exploring.  Since we know how much they love the great outdoors, my husband and I decided to have our yearly family photo shoot at the Arnold Arboretum.  


They are absolutely addicted to climbing trees. Living in the city doesn't give them many opportunities so we try to build it into our weekends whenever possible.

My son observed a hole that might be home to an owl and was also seeking out animal tracks on his walk.

My daughter enjoyed reading the names (some of them are really hilarious to her) of the different trees that we passed.  

The Arboretum has a lot to offer to families.  There are so many people walking their dogs, plenty of space to play frisbee or ride scooters or bikes, lots of paths to follow and trees with low hanging leaves that make great forts.

On their website, the Arboretum even has a Family Activities page with a calendar of family walks and tours, an instruction guide for a photo scavenger hunt and they tell you about their free discovery backpacks that all help your family learn and explore.