Creating with Leaves

We collect a lot of leaves in the Fall.  Our recent visit to the arboretum and simply strolling through the Boston Common on our way to and from school tend to invite us to play in the leaves!  The colors are so beautiful and they are so fun to throw in the air that inevitably bunches of them end up in our house.


After a few days of stepping over piles of leaves near our front door, we decided to use them to  make a wreath. 

We found a cardboard box in our recycling, drew a wreath shape, and cut it out before gluing leaves onto it.

Homemade play dough is always a quick and easy activity.  Inspired by the colors of the leaves, we used beet juice and turmeric to color two small batches of play dough.  We used leaf cookie cutters and plastic knives to create play dough leaves.

Another blog, Cool Mom Picks, motivated us to create animals with our leaves.

Do you have leaf collectors in your house?  

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