Young Architects

We never planned to "study" architecture. After watching the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, my kids were delighted to realize Russian buildings look like candy sculptures! Then we got a new Kiwi Crate: a make-your-own world map game with famous landmarks. Again, they were drawn to the buildings - the Leaning Tower of Piza, the Eiffel Towel, the White House. Meanwhile, we noticed the architecture around Boston - the state house, the library in Copley Square, various churches... and of course at the Museum of Fine Arts. At that point, we were hooked. We checked out a few books from the library and bought a few on Amazon. I set up a simple table with graph paper, books, and markers for them to explore.  


For my son's birthday, my sister was looking for a gift and I suggested wooden architectural blocks, and they then turned their drawings into models, using arches, columns, and pillars. 

We found a fantastic event in early April at the Boston Society of Architects: Kids' Build. The concept was simply and well executed: one Saturday morning, a bunch of kids and parents gather to create their own city out of recycled materials. Our daughter was given her own building permit, and set to work: 

A few weeks later in the car, my 4-year-old saw the new Kenmore T station and said, "That looks like the Sydney Opera House!" Such a fun connection - and his interest of that particular building lead to a desire of his to learn more about Australia, and then on to marsupials... it's amazing how interests can grow and expand, how one thing can lead to another in such an organic way. My daughter began to design houses, with blueprints, inspired by: 

Her interest then became the different ways people live, all around the world, and how we may live in the future. We have all have learned so much!

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