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Moms share their insight...

We are one city mom and one country mom writing together.  Emily, who lives in Boston has two children and Cady, who lives outside of Boston and has three children.  We became friends when our oldest children were babies, and decided to embark on this new project in 2013 to create a larger community around great activities and projects for kids, at home, in the city and beyond. In 2017, Lauren, who has two children and lives in Boston, joined our team. The three of us can't wait to hear your ideas and share ours with you! 

Our goal is to provide a forum for parents to share ideas on learning at home and in Boston. Through nurturing your child's interest -- providing learning opportunities based on their passions and questions -- you can easily teach to their current curiosities. Then advance to the next step naturally through their (and your!) inspirations.

All three of us have teaching backgrounds, and we are drawn to the Reggio approach of emergent child-centered learning. We send our children to school, then supplement at home to nurture their interests and to take advantage of living in a rich urban environment and beyond. This creates a wonderful way for us to spend time with our children while they are learning about the wide world around them.

  Our four children - we follow their lead!    

Our four children - we follow their lead!