Eating Around the World in Boston-Puerto Rican Edition

For a couple of years now, I have heard through the grapevine that Vejigantes in the South End is tasty and worth a try.  We went and have nothing but great things to say.  The food is fantastic and so are the prices!  The staff is friendly (again, so important when eating out with kids!) and it's a colorful and cheerful place.

We went for lunch on a rainy day and had such a great time.  We were the only ones in the place and decided to feast on appetizers so that we could try lots of different dishes.  


The rice with beans was a hit with my kids as were the chicken empanadas.  I went back shortly after with some friends and my daughter asked if I'd bring each of those dishes home so that she could have them in her lunch the next day.  So there you have it, the food has officially been endorsed by a nine year old.

We would love to continue our series with suggestions from you.  Let us know what we should try next!

Eating Around the World in Boston-Chinese Edition

I can't take an ounce of credit for this fun find because good friends have been going here since it opened and we just followed their good advice.  Shojo is in the heart of Chinatown and is just awesome.  The food is so good and fun (their burger is called The Shojonator) and the atmosphere feels like you walked into a comic book.

My son loves all things Ninja and they play chinese martial arts movies while you eat.  I'm way too lazy to bring my iPad to dinner so my kids aren't used to getting to watch TV while they eat.  They were in heaven to have a movie on and my husband and I actually had a chance to chat for bit (crazy, I know!).

What's your favorite Chinatown spot??

Eating Around the World in Boston-Indian Edition

My daughter's class was learning the countries in India so we went Mela in the South End.  Again, the staff was incredibly kind to my kids.  Really, is there anything better than when people are kind and respectful to your kids?  Not only that, but the food was delicious and we all licked our plates clean.

On our way out, my kids caught sight of this sculpture on the wall.  We took a second and played a quick game of eye spy.  


We'd love any recommendations for other Indian restaurants!

Eating Around the World in Boston-African Edition

The other day my daughter said to me "Mom, we should really try some other types of food to see what other people on earth eat."  On the one hand, I was so proud of her and so pumped to take on this project because I love eating out and I love trying new foods.  On the other hand, I was thinking to myself that my cooking must be really boring and she's sick of my recipes...hmmm.  Either way, I took on the challenge and have slowly started taking advantage of the many foods that Boston has to offer.

I think her challenge stemmed from school because she was asked to learn each country on each continent.  She started with Africa so I looked for a restaurant to compliment her studies.  On Tremont Street in the South End is the cutest little Ethiopian restaurant, Addis Red Sea.  They were incredibly kind to my children and were really helpful in finding things to order that my kids might enjoy.  The decor was fun for kids too-lots of mismatched comfy seating and low tables. And, we had a blast eating with our hands!

My son was too young, but my daughter and I watched "The Queen of Katwe" which is about a young girl in Africa.  We both loved the movie and recommend it!

Queen of Katwe (Plus Bonus Features)
Starring David Oyelowo, Lupita Nyong'o, Madina Nalwanga, Martin Kabanza, Taryn "Kay" Kyaze
Beatrice's Goat
By Page McBrier